Different Styles of Music Bands

Some of you might have thought that a music band is only the rock band. However, it comes with different types. Every music lover, a singer or just a listener, might be a fan of one of the music bands in the world. What are the different styles of music bands?

Boy Band

This kind of band mainly composed of young kids, usually at their 20’s. All the band members are talented in singing. Well, they should be! It’s because this kind of band is purely singing. The band members usually just sing and they don’t play musical instruments. Most of their fans are of course, young ladies.

Concert Band

From its name, this band performs in a concert. It is also known as symphonic band and the members of this band play different kinds of musical instruments, one of which is the bass guitar. Other instruments could be used such as the piano.

Jazz Band

Obviously, this band plays jazz music. It could be formed as a big band or a small band with 3 or 4 members. Someone has the role as a pianist, a guitar player, and someone who play the drums.

Marching Band

While holding and playing different musical instruments, the members also march. Usually, they perform when there are events and for entertainment. In some countries, a marching band performs during a festival.


There are a lot of various instruments big or small being used in this kind of band. They perform on big stages and most of the time during big events or concert for a cause.

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